110 Ton – C9, C15

Category (Type): ALL TERRAIN
Model: ATF 110G-5
Boom Length: 52
Jib Length: 16M
Number of axles: 5

Tadano manufactures all-terrain cranes that are ideal for both on and off-road construction and industrial projects. Regardless of the location, temperature or climate, Tadano’s all-terrain cranes are just as reliable in bold new development projects as well as in meticulous maintenance operations on historical landmarks.

All of the all-terrain cranes feature FAUN purpose built frames with two-man, full width carrier cabs of composite structure (steel sheet metal and fiber glass), windshield of laminated safety glass with windshield wipers and washers, sliding side windows of hardened safety glass and adjustable seats with safety belts and headrests. Safety devices include electronic load moment device and automatic overload shut-off, hoist limit switch with shut-off, overload warning and load moment gauge. Digital displays show boom angle, boom length, sheave height, working radius and hook load.